The EVIDGOM mounting is formed from two thick conical membranes, joined at their bases to create a highly elastic mounting.

There are three variations:

– All rubber EVIDGOM.
– EVIDGOM with bonded fixing.
– EVIDGOM with a diamond or square mounting plate (fixing plate supplied as a separate kit).

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The design of the EVIDGOM mounting gives the following basic characteristics:

– A very high axial elasticity.
– Very low natural frequency (a few Hertz).
– Progressive buffer against shocks or accidental overload.


– As the load/deflection curve has a point of inflection, a suspension may be designed to have a sub-tangent greater than the static deflection.
– The elastomer used provides intrinsic damping with a corresponding ability to absorb energy which gives appreciable advantages over metallic springs.


– The selection of a low natural frequency (large deflection) must not be allowed to endanger the stability of the suspension (tall equipment).
– In certain cases (use under maximum load) the use of side stops is recommended.