Shock absorber for transformers

This range of shock absorbers consists of two steel soles and two high-strength metal springs, light alloy joint washers and a metal cushion in stainless steel wire on each spring. An external protective sheet prevents possible intrusions of materials that stiffen the shock absorber.

All steel parts are protected by a layer of paint. These elements are very easy to assemble and adapt to the needs of the equipment.

They comply with the ISO 9001-2000 standard.

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These low frequency shock absorbers, up to 5 Hz, specially designed for the suspension of transformers, where the characteristics of the environment present handling difficulties eliminates structural noise by 99%.

Completely metallic, they can be used outdoors or in the most severe environmental conditions, applying in these cases a special anticorrosive treatment.

Without creep. That is, it does not lose height over time, therefore its useful life can be equivalent or superior to that of the machine that isolates and does not need maintenance.

The metallic cushion of each spring allows to increase the damping coefficient and limit the displacements at the resonance frequency.