Flexible element made up of a variable number of FLEXIBLE STUDS

1 depending on the torque to be transmitted:­
2 Solid natural rubber blocks in the form of a truncated cone.
3 Internal armature bonded to the rubber.
4 Threaded stud.
5 External armature bonded to the rubber.
6 Studding welded to armature.
7 Cylindrical metal cover.

Steel disks:
8 Two identical disks, bolted to the flanges 10 and with slits 9 to house the studs 1.

Flanges: 10 die-cast steel.

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The RADIAFLEX RTP coupling is designed with the following features:

– The studs can be removed radially without moving the coupled machines.
– At low and average torque: the rubber operates under compression.
– At high torque: there is progressive thrust of the rubber against the metal cover 3.
– Safe in use.
– It can absorb the effects of tension or compression axially (for example: push and pull of a helical screw).