Flexible element:

1 Precompressed natural rubber.­
2 Bonded metal reinforcing mountings.
3 Precompression band (to be removed after installation).

4 Die-cast steel (except 632267 which is cast-iron).

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The JUBOFLEX “S” coupling is designed with the following features:

– Radial disassembly without moving the machines that are coupled.
– The flexible element is compressed during assembly, which extends the range of operating conditions where the rubber is not subject tot tension.


– JUBOFLEX “S” has a greater load capacity than the standard JUBOFLEX.
– Highly effective attenuation of cyclic irregularities and peaks in the torque.
– Due to the precompression, the JUBOFLEX “S” has very good resistance to torsional peaks.
– Tolerance to large misalignment: avoids the need for precise alignment of the machines to be coupled.


In use, precompression is achieved by the fixing bolts, and the JUBOFLEX “S” coupling operates without the precompression band round the flexible element.