JUBOFLEX® with separate hub

Flexible element:

1 Precompressed natural rubber.­
2 Bonded metal spacers.
3 Precompression band (to be removed after installation).

4 Die-cast steel specially bored to fit the separate hub.
5 Universal separate hub (not supplied by PAULSTRA).

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In addition to the characteristics described above, the separate hub used in conjunction with the JUBOFLEX coupling provides the advantage: Ready to assemble without machining the flanges.


– Reduced size.
– Simplified axial positionning.
– Easy to assemble and disassemble.
– Reduction of costs by simplifiying the machining required for the shafts and flanges.


In use, precompression is achieved by the fixing bolts and the JUBOFLEX coupling operates without the precompression band round the flexible element.