Metallic cushions

Metallic cushions are made from drawn, woven stainless steel wire that is compressed into a geometric shape. The Vibrachoc range has more than 1,000 standard metallic cushions of various sizes and characteristics.

As metallic cushions are easy to create, custom shapes and characteristics can be developed and produced on request.

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Standard or custom metallic cushions can be used for many industrial applications because they are naturally resistant to grease, oil, water, etc and withstand temperatures from – 70°C to + 300°C.

The static stiffness of the metallic cushion ensures progressive stiffening and maintains a constant natural frequency for a very wide range of loads within a small space.

Their natural frequency of between 12 and 25 Hz and damping of 15 to 20% make them suitable for mounting rotating machines with a rotation speed over 2,000 rpm.