V118-MG V318

V118-MG and V318 mountings have cast iron cover and base with 4 mountings holes in the base and a central tapped hole in the cover.

The resilient elements are stainless steel wire mesh cushions:

– V118-MG and V318 have two cushions;
– V118-DG and V318-D have three cushions.

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This series of mountings have a natural frequency between 18 and25 Hz and can be used for mounting:

Heavy machinery (grinders, crushers, inclined presses, eccentric presses, printing presses, textile machines).

Rotating machines (motors, generator sets, pumps, etc), which rotate at more than 2,000 rpm for V118-DG and V318-D and up to 2,500 rpm for V118-MG and V318.

Gantry cranes (structure, cabs, equipment).