Flexible element:

1. Natural rubber block bonded to.­
2. V-shaped metal armatures.

Flange: aluminium or cast-iron.

3. Drive segment.

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The MINIFLEX coupling is designed with the following features:

– Push fit assembly.
– Compact, smooth cylindrical shape without protrusions.
– The flexible element is precompressed during assembly, which extends the range of operating conditions where the rubber is not subject to tension.


– Highly effective attenuation of cyclic irregularities and peaks in the torque.
– Exceptionally long-life ensured by precompressing the flexible element.
– Tolerance to large misalignment: avoids the need for precise alignment of the machines to be coupled.


It is recommended that the coupling should not be subjected to axial tension which might cause the flexible element to slip from the drive segment on the flange.