TETRAFLEX® Torque from 1000 to 8 000 N.m.

Flexible element comprising:

1 Natural rubber in the form of a cross.­
2 A floating aluminium or steel star, whose arms are bonded to the rubber.

Two aluminium bosses, bonded to the rubber which will be attached to one of the machines.
Two bosses bonded to the rubber which will be attached to the other machine.

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The TETRAFLEX coupling is designed with the following features:

– Binary symmetry which allows considerable conical misalignment.
– The rubber is precompressed from manufacture which limits operation under tension.


The floating star allows:
– Increased torque capacity without reducing the axial flexibility, hence reduced size for a given torque.
– Rotation at higher speeds as the star ensures that the arms are anchored centrifugally.
– A good torque/speed ratio.