Seals with mini-lips

The mini-lip has many advantages:

– Reduced dimensions
The decrease in height and the difference between the internal and external diameters allow type IE seals to be used for applications where only type IO used to be possible. The reduced dimensions also mean less weight.

– Less energy loss due to friction
The radial load is smaller, which leads to a decrease of about 30% of the friction torque, which results in:
– a gain in power for the prime mover.
– less heating.

– Increased life
The decrease in heating due to friction results in a lower temperature, which:
– improves the life of the elastomer.
– slow carbonisation, which causes leaks by producing irregularities and stiffening the lip.

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In addition, the reduction of both temperature and carbonisation leads to less wear of the shaft and the seal.

The life of a seal with a mini-lip is thus increased by about 30%.