S.C. Mounting

The S.C. mounting comprises an annular section bonded between the inner tube and outer housing.

The outer housing has a mounting flange (4 different types).

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The design of the S.C. mounting gives the following basic characteristics:

– Axial elasticity four times higher than radial elasticity.
– The rubber works in shear.
– Progressive buffer against shocks or accidental overload, provided that a large metal washer is used to bear against the rubber dome.
– Can be used as a fail safe assembly when fitted as in figure 1.


– Extensive range: 3 hardnesses of rubber for 20 existing types, allowing the mounting to be optimised as a function of the load and exciting frequency.


– In order not to affect the performance of the mounting system, all external connections must be flexible.
– S.C. mountings must be fitted so that the vibration input is in the axial direction.