Strafluid Hydraulic mountings

The progress in motor vehicle design and increased demand for comfort both in terms of vibration and sound-proofing has resulted inincreasingly demanding specifications for suspension systems.

PAULSTRA hydraulic mountings use an elastomer support device combined with an hydraulic system. The hydraulic system acts differentially and specifically in relation to the frequency range and the type of vibrational excitation incurred.

These mountings, due to a total integration of all components, are still compatible with standard sizes and are as easy to fit as conventional mountings.

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Ordinary elastomer suspensions are subject to dynamic stiffening phenomena as the vibration frequency increases and amplitude decreases. Conventional elastomer mountings offer low stiffness and low damping to filter higher frequency vibrations, this leads to height and disturbing amplitude at resonance.

A hydraulic suspension can at the same time provide a low frequency damping function and a high frequency acoustic filtering (100 – 200 Hz).