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Exhaust Silencers
Combining reactive and dissipative solutions to reach attenuations.

Combining reactive and dissipative solutions to reach attenuations from 15 dB (A) to 50 dB (A).

Adding cyclonic type spark arresters according to demand.

Designing different types of inlets/outlets to give the best solution to your project.

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Ventilation Silencers
These silencers are intended to attenuate noise.

Offering attenuation up to 50 dB (A).

Designing and optimizing lowest pressure drop.

Types: Parallel baffles silencers and circular silencers.

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Acoustic enclosures
They are built to measure with attenuations ranging from 20 dB to 40 dB.

They are with attenuation varying from 20 dB to 40 dB supplying frame and fixing angles.

The closure is pressure wedge and depending on the size, can incorporate cremones by galvanized steel bar.

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Engineering and Projects
Vibrachoc has programs for vibroacoustic calculation (SYSNOISE).

Helping and colaborating with engineering companies offering solutions and designs to reach the best performance in installations.

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Structural Noise
Anti-vibration elements at low resonance frequency.

Machines and Equipment generate vibration which needs to be dampened. These vibrations can lead to structural damages due to material fatigue.

Our isolators can prevent or minimize the effects of this kind of vibration.

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