Anti-vibration and antisysmic suspension in a hotel in the new station TGV in Perpignan
VIBRACHOC has recently achieved this project of great magnitude with FORCIMSA Company and the enginnering BOMA. The aim of the project is to carry out the suspension of both anti-vibration and antisysmic of the Hotel Aglo in the new station TGV in Perpignan which will be operative by the end of 2010. The goal of this elastic suspension is to avoid structural vibration and noise due to the passing of the adjacent railway. Beside, it will support the forces of a possible earthquake according to the client. VIBRACHOC has suggested to carry out this suspension through the use of spring box with enough loading capacity.

Loadings are distributed in through 38 pillars wich will support the building. The total weight is 10.735 TN. This suspension is 4 times bigger to anti-vibration suspension of the theatre in Castelldefels made the last year by VIBRACHOC of wich load is 2.540 TN.
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